Medical Hair Loss

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Medical Hair Loss  can happen to anyone at anytime. From genetic causes such as Female Pattern Baldness  to Cancer and from Alopecia to] Trichotillomania, we have dealt with all of Fuzzy Navel Salon ,have over 20 years of experience dealing with these sensitive and personal issues. 

We offer Natural Human Hair Wigs of the highest quality along with expert styling and a full range of hair services – our staff will attend to your every hair styling need. We are a family based business with community ties and are excited to bring you some information on wigs through our new website.

Some of our cherished clientele include cancer and alopecia patients, industry (film/TV) actors, religious women and some adventurous women who wanted to change their look in a natural way.

All women deserve to have the beautiful, sexy, creative experience of this magical transformation – the experience of seeing yourself and being in- a really good wig.

Make a new change that will fit you like a glove – only much more beautifully and whole you.

We at Fuzzy Navel take the time to help you with the look of your dreams, making sure that the many variables in the wig selection process are covered.

There are so many considerations – the style, the color, the right size and fit, sustainability and cost factors -that all need expert help. We will make sure that this investment in yourself will bring you smiles for years to come.

All of our ’Custom Natural Wigs’ are made from European (Russian/Ukrainian) human hair, which is some of the most beautiful hair in the world. They are all of the highest quality, the most comfortable to wear, and the lightest, most easily managed wigs.

Each person’s individual needs are met with expert advise so that you can weigh out your options.

We do carry some very stylish synthetics, which we would recommend for short-term (film/TV) projects or costume events and of course, fun experimentations with your look. If you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe get yourself down and try on some Custom Natural Wigs. 

Our large inventory of both options of -natural & synthetic- wigs make this the place to go for customized services and products, for confidential and private sessions, for unique and unusual solutions, for unsurpassed quality and the great advise you need — with your own personal expert.

We can accommodate all styles from affordable to high end! 

Welcome, new friends.


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